Mid/Senior Server-Side Developer.

£60,000 Per Year

Kieran Smith
Recruitment Consultant
E: kieran.smith@adalta-solutions.co.uk
T: 0161 235 1671

Mid/Senior Server-Side Developer – Fully Remote

On Offer

  • The chance to use today’s most relevant and exciting technologies to build new software that gets released to real users
  • An incredibly supportive and friendly team that believes in listening to everyone’s ideas and helping everyone to do their very best job.
  • The opportunity to kick start or grow your career through our commitment to on-the-job training and our regular “hack Friday” sessions.
  • Fully flexible working based either from our easy-to-get-to office (bring your dog if you like) or from your home, or both. As long as you’re in the UK, you could work with them.
  • The chance to be part of a successful tech start-up, and to see from the inside what makes a fast-growing business like ours succeed.
  • A fun and sociable culture with lunchtime BBQs in their garden and regular out-of-hours events.

What is needed?

  • People who get stuff done. We can’t overstate this. We ship working software to real users in a fast-moving market!
  • Attention to quality. We can’t overstate this either. Every bug we ship damages our reputation, and every bit of code that’s hard to modify costs us time and money.
  • Technical virtuosity. We’re small, so we have to be smart. We need software “artists” with a genuine passion for creating clean, fast software that really “sings”.
  • Commercial and user nous. Sorry, it’s not enough to be a technical wizard. You also need to understand why we’re doing it and appreciate what makes our users tick.
  • Independence and teamwork. Yes, both. We need people who can work unsupervised by themselves on one day, and as a part of the pack the next.
  • Clear thinking under uncertainty. We live in a complex world, and we don’t always have all the data. We need people who can fill in the gaps and imagine the whole picture.
  • A “can do” approach to life. If something looks hard – impossible even – we still try to find a way to do it, or something very like it. See also “get stuff done” above.

Desirable Technical Skills

You don’t need to have every skill here, but the more the better. This role will be mostly focused on the server side, but as a small team, you’ll have the opportunity to get your hands dirty on the front end too. They are looking for experience of:

  • SOLID principles and design patterns.
  • Writing testable, performant code.
  • Developing REST APIs in the latest .NET stack.
  • T-SQL, or similar technologies, and relational databases.
  • NoSQL databases such as Table Storage.
  • Developing on cloud-based environments like AWS and Azure, or GCP (we use Azure).
  • Xamarin development, or related technology like WPF.



Tech Stack

  • We develop interactive mobile apps on iOS and Android in C# using Xamarin.
  • Our back-end cloud services are built using the latest .NET stack and live in Microsoft Azure.
  • Fully automated testing and build pipeline development are carried out by our QA and DevOps functions so that developers can focus on developing great code.
  • We’re continually looking for new and better ways to put our dev team in charge of how we develop our code in the most productive and robust ways.