Lead Developer.

£70,000 Per Year

Tom Elliott
Principal Recruitment Consultant
E: tom.elliott@adalta-solutions.co.uk
T: 0161 416 6025

Job Description

As a leader within a highly collaborative team, the Lead Developer will have their finger on the pulse of the Development team, the latest development techniques and patterns. The position will include monitoring the cross-project Development team’s process and code health, making positive suggestions for change, and then leading those changes with a hands-on approach. The position will gain the teams trust and be empowered to make decisions and lead technical changes in the code base.

The ideal candidate will be familiar with the full software design life cycle and have experience in designing, coding, testing and managing applications. They should be comfortable coding in several languages and have an ability to test code in order to maintain high-quality code.

The Lead Developer will be responsible for the overall solution architecture in the cloud bringing together the skills of the team to deliver a market focused solution and is expected to play a major role in ensuring that the technical procedures, tools and ultimately the code produced by the Development Team is high quality and fit for purpose. This is an opportunity to lead the technical capabilities of the platform and shape the codebase as their own.

They will ensure that systems are architected and designed to meet the defined business, functional, technical, performance and security requirements. The position will bring a high level of experience, in-depth code level and architectural knowledge and leadership to the development lifecycle whilst having plenty of room for creativity and innovation.


  • Architect solutions for customers from the ground up. 
  • Lead improvements in code structure, code patterns and tooling. 
  • Management of production systems such as source control, live VM’s, orchestration, DB’s, CI & CD. 
  • Ensure cloud architectures are defined, reviewed and documented. 
  • Mentoring of team members to ensure best practice is applied and skills are nurtured. 
  • Practice leadership, ensuring that the team succeeds and learns together. 
  • Review and report to the Senior Product Manager on quality, architecture, project progress and best practices. 
  • Researching current trends and best practices in the Healthcare Market. 
  • Participation in recruitment activities for technical roles. 
  • Raising the visibility of the technical brand. 
  • Ensure that processes and procedures involving developers are documented, kept up to date and are being following appropriately. 
  • Make positive suggestions for change to the leadership team. 
  • Look for mechanisms for Process Improvement for faster production. 
  • Hands on approach to re-imagining legacy components. 



  • Cloud Microservice & Service Oriented Architecture design and implementation. 
  • C# or C++.NET & ASP.NET. 
  • XML & JSON. 
  • SQL (T-SQL), & NoSQL. 
  • Application Workflow & Container orchestration. 
  • gRPC.
  • Javascript.
  • Agile methodology. 
  • Nice to have some exposure to iOS & Android Development, Python/Django, HL7/FHIR Integrations in Healthcare. 


  • AWS experience required.
  • Microsoft & Linux operating systems. 
  • Virtualisation technologies, Citrix, Microsoft, VMWare. 
  • Automation platforms, Continuous integration, automated test & deployment. 

Key Requirements 

  • Excellent software development skills with full stack experience. 
  • The ability to develop technical plans and execute these by leading a team. 
  • Experience of software development management. 
  • An affinity for the customer. 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills. 
  • Strong presentation skills. 
  • Highly motivated to succeed. 
  • Able to work with, communicate with and contribute to an international team. 
  • Can do, self-managing attitude. 
  • Familiarity with AI and Cloud technologies. 
  • Healthcare experience nice to have.


  • 5+ years as a full stack developer. 
  • Comfortable making architectural component level decisions (incl. implementing SOLID, DRY etc. principles). 
  • SQL Server (T-SQL)/MySQL DBA experience. 
  • Experience implementing software development patterns. 
  • Customer facing experience. 
  • Have built healthcare and/or enterprise applications. 
  • Familiarity with Azure or AWS infrastructure and tools essential. 
  • Comfortable with command line interface. 
  • Nice to have exposure to AI technologies and their deployment in the cloud. 

The successful candidate will have a significant track record of development success with 10 years experience with Microsoft technologies. They will also have a minimum of 2 commercial software product releases that they have led and built. They will be a proven full stack developer with strong solution architecture abilities. They will build a bridge between enterprise architecture and technical development to deliver the market-driven goals using a web-based platform in the cloud. The products utilise integrated data and speech-driven AI technologies for the web and mobile apps. Be a part of a highly skilled and dynamic international team of developers that are using the latest AI speech technologies to help the NHS become more efficient. Working in healthcare technology is one of the most rewarding markets available to capable dedicated developers looking to make a real difference. 

This position is a remote working position with opportunities for travel to our offices and customer locations are available when COVID restrictions allow