Product Engineer.

£400 Per Day

Anthony Dale
Associate Principal
T: 0161 511 8384
Job Specifications for a Project Support Engineer
Supporting any of the I.M`s/Projects work requests for:
  1. Patching Copper /Fibre/Switch Installations.
  2. Patching / Jumpering of voice services / Wall frames and Patch panels.
  3. Certain Installation works that may come our way, IPTV, IPT, FID Screens, Camera Works etc.
  4. Testing / Fault finding copper and fibre.
  5. Surveying new works as requested by a project or the I.M.
  6. Quality Assessments for works that have been carried out either by themselves or one of Atkins suppliers.
  7. Documentation of QA issues and update tracker.
  8. Quality assessments are a big part of the PSE role, so it is important to have a good understanding of standards and how to look and detail installations installed by others no matter who installed them and how good or bad they are.
  9. Escorting of 3rd parties, these can be Atkins, Capgemini, Suppliers or Heathrow personnel requiring escorting.
  10. Supervising other suppliers if requested to monitor works being carried out.
  11. Producing a survey document to suit the I.M or PM requirements, these are based on templates, but basic PC knowledge will be required.
Additional requirements:
  1. Knowledge of Flightdeck and Pinpoint (what it does and what you can get out of it)
  2. Provide circuit documentation in Visio form and provide to the clients on completion of any patching works carried out.
  3. A competent understanding of fibre and different fibres utilised on Heathrow including different connectors SM/MM.
  4. A competent understanding of copper voice services utilised on Heathrow.
  5. A competent understanding of cat5/cat6 cabling and terminations.
  6. A competent understanding and the correct use of different containment to be used in various Heathrow locations / when and where to use it.
  7. The ability to carry out a works request survey and then transform this information into a complex scope document.
  8. Flexibility in your working hours / this will include some night works.
  9. Quarterly PGI Inspections of any of our suppliers. (this will be taught when required)
  10. Raising Close Call issues noticed while out on site. (this will be taught when or if required)
  11. Writing /Reviewing new RAMS for specific works. (this will be taught if required)
Starting requirements should the position be accepted.
  1. All Terminal Inductions as required.
  2. All D.I. Location Inductions if required, this may be done as and when works require it.
  3. Heathrow Network / E-mail account.
  4. Register for Driving Atkins vehicles / Provide Driver Number.
  5. Asbestos awareness course.
  6. Pinpoint/Flightdeck Access / Visio Access.
  7. Heathrow Commercial Inductions.
  8. Heathrow Baggage Inductions.
  9. Airside Driving Permit (If Driving an Atkins vehicle)
  10. Airside Pass (To be applied for if required)
  11. Added to the Salto Readers for B216
  12. PPE / New Starter Requirements.
  13. PSE must have their own hand tools to carry out basic tasks. (Contractor Only)
  14. SSSTS Training if required.
  15. ESR Training if not already completed.
  16. First Aid Training if not already completed.
  17. Basic Network / Cabling hand tools, if testers are required, we will borrow these from CPS if possible.
All the above information is a brief description of what we expect from a PSE and the requirements we are expected to meet to carry out our works.
Some of these requirements will be taught and explained in more detail should this be required.
The PSE role needs to be flexible to deal with working requirements from the I.M`s or projects were dealing with, this sometime will mean a mixture of different working hours.
The PSE role needs to also be reactive with urgent requirements, it is not always possible to have notice on works, but we need to try and provide as much assistance as possible to the I.M`s and projects.